How do I determine my hat size?

Different manufacturers use different sizing scales to size their hats. Some manufacturers work in centimeters, inches and on a S/M/L basis etc.  To determine your size, measure the circumference of your head, starting at the centre of your forehead and measuring the whole way around the crown.  Once you have this measurement, use our conversion table below to select the correct size for your style of hat. 

    Metric US
Extra Small/Kids XS 52cm 6 3/8
Small S 54-55cm 6 5/8
Medium M 56-57cm 6 7/8
Medium Large M/L 58cm 7 1/8
Large L 59-60cm 7 3/8
Extra Large XL 61-62cm 7 5/8
Double Extra Large XXL 63-64cm 7 7/8